Geronimo 2012. Una Storia D'Amore Non Di Odio
(Italian Edition)

Lidia Perrella (Author)
Best actor of the year 2012 to a native Indian artist from the United States of America
brings confusion and amazement, not only in the life of Anoki Geronimo but also within
the large and complicated world of cinema. The notorious Mecca of cinema in Los
Angeles, prone to subliminal politics which shreds historical truth distorting the true
nature of people treating them as goods and profit, suffered a setback that
considering making a film a story that shows how the multi-ethnicity, now a global
phenomenon, even today, even in environments where culture should be above any
prejudice is instead still not associated with the concept of integration. The message
the author wants to give is that of a correct and unbiased portrait of a culture, that of
Native Americans, beyond the stereotypes of racism and discrimination. Native
Americans have always been seen as fanatic people, thirsty of conquest and power,
known to history as murderers rather than victims; victims of a genocide, now
undeniable, wanted with firm decision, as historically established, but instead
portrayed as misunderstandings between people so different. The intent is to help the
reader understand that every people has its own culture, traditions and values that
must be respected and protected and as such has the right to dignity and respect
from all humanity...

La mongolfiera, il monte Tambura e il tappeto volante (Italian Edition) (Italian) Paperback

by Fernanda Raineri (Author)

Il libro Blu (Italian Edition) (Italian) Paperback – June 24, 2015
by Fernanda Raineri (Author)
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Fernanda Raineri is an Italian writer born in Versilia, in the Tuscanian
province of Massa Carrara. Already as a child she had a passion for
drawing and poetry; then she gave up on them, but more recently she felt
the need to return to cultivate those passions, in particular after 2003.

Literary works: many of her poems and short stories have won awards in
national and international competitions and were included in various
anthologies. Her poetry anthology, containing 60 poems, was published in
January 2012 by Edizioni La Gru (Padova), with the title Pulviscolo di stelle.
In March 2013 La Case Books (Los Angeles) published her first two works
of fiction entitled: Il libro blu and La mongolfiera, il monte Tambura e il
tappeto volante, which she self-published in English, in 2015, with the title
of The Balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying Carpet.
In April 2013, her  anthology of short stories Miracolo a Fortaleza was
published by Digital Index (Modena).
Fernanda Raineri

The adventures of the four friends we had met in The Balloon, Mount Tambura and the Flying
Carpet. In The Blue Book, however, the setting is quite different. From the Apuan Alps, the scene
moves to the USA where Stella is visiting her friends Frank and Rebecca. They will be joined along
the way by a number of other characters forming a close-knit, fun-loving gang. Their plan is to
celebrate the new year visiting as much as they can of the USA, especially the Indian Reservations,
but this will soon go awry.
Stella finds out that, at the airport, she has picked up someone else’s luggage, which includes a book
packed with top secret information – a book the secret services are actively looking for. The person
who lost the book is also on the hunt for it.
The surprises will be continuous; even actor Keanu Reeves will end up being involved, thus
becoming a character in this fascinating story.
The Balloon,
Mount Tambura
The Flying Carpet
The story is set in Versilia in Tuscany, surrounded by the luxuriant nature of the Apuan Alps, and in the bowels of
Mount Tambura. Stella and her sister Glenda, along with their two friends Rebecca and Frank who have just arrived
from the United States, are involved in a series of incredible events, to the limit of the supernatural. It all starts with a
trip in a hot air balloon strongly backed by the boys, despite the concerns shown by their parents. But what started
as a unique experience soon turned to tragedy: the four, along with Alfred, the young Turkish driver of the balloon
(called "Nautilus"), fall in the middle of a forest because of a turbulence . When they regained consciousness, they
are miraculously unharmed, although there is no trace of Alfred. Stella and her friends start looking for a path to get
back home, but instead they discover a mysterious underground place. Here begins a journey that will leave the
protagonists the sole custodians of secrets that had remained untouched for years, offering to Stella, who is an
aspiring writer, a story to tell.